Jo Ann Thiel, D.D.S.

The Facts About Composite Fillings

Why You Need Them?
Plaque - a sticky, almost colorless layer of bacteria that forms on your teeth, mixes with the sugars in food to produce decay, causing acids. When decay creates a cavity, the dentist usually fills it with a durable material, most often a composite (a tooth-colored material), a metal alloy called amalgam, or gold.

How Many Visits Are Required?
Only a single visit is required.

Are Composite Fillings Durable?
A filling can last from five years to a lifetime, depending on its location, the material used, and the care you give your teeth. Gold has the longest lifespan, followed by amalgams, and then composites.

How Is the Treatment Performed?

  • At the site of the decay, the dentist drills out the decay and shapes the tooth to hold the filling.
  • The hole is filled with the appropriate material for the cavity’s size and location.